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It's More than Just Words on a Page; it's Knowing How it all Works!

When we build your site the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical part of it.  Having relevant content, meta data and utilization of all tools for navigation is a website must.

Our SEO includes key words, key phrases, tags, internal links, content writing for good relevancy, google analytics and webmaster tools.  We will closely monitor your analytics to determine where traffic is coming from and what meta data is working and what needs tweaked for best practice.

SEO is a continuous work in progress.  As search engines change their algorithms it is our job to make sure your site changes with them.  SEO and site ranking takes constant monitoring to stay ahead of the curve and the companies ahead of you in page rank.  We work each month to ensure we research any changes to the search engines and implement new meta data to comply.

SEO is Only Part of the Big Picture.

Along with SEO we recommend Social Media Marketing to push traffic to and from your site. These link backs will help the search engines find you and push your site in page rankings. Even as we push your site manually from our SEO work to the major search engines their process is very slow so adding manual tasks such as Social Media will help speed things up.

We also recommend Blogging on your site, search engines are always crawling the web looking for new content and blogging at least once or even twice per month with give you an added boost. When we discuss your website design this may be a topic we discuss with you.

The Road to Digital Transformation Does Not Have Shortcuts.

Let’s take a journey together and bring your business to the interstate of e-commerce.
Develop Define, Build, Launch The first step of every Digital Transformation journey is to design, build and launch a great online presence. Without a strong and scalable foundation; the ability to grow and support customers is extremely vulnerable.
Optimize Maximum Visibility Having a great online presence is important, but unless it is optimized for maximum visibility on search and getting the link-backs from your social media platforms, it's no better than an store on a dead end street.
Engage Customer Acquisition As customers are looking at your product or service, they must be engaged in a way that leads to action. Your digital presence is more than just a commercial; it's another channel for customer acquisition.

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